You: So, what does "consumation" mean?
You: I'm going to look this up on Urban Dictionary!
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Derogatory term used to describe the buying public, or purchaser of a product. Use of the word is prolific in the business world, quickly replacing the more respectful term, "customer".
1. "Consumer spending is up 51%!"
2. "Demand for Product X has consumers mobbing stores."
by edifice May 22, 2006
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someone who buys things they don't need with money they don't have to impress people they don't like
The average consumer has little idea what motivates them
by naimad November 3, 2008
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to eat correctly
by shrugslummer October 29, 2018
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The quality of being able to access, consume and retain information, specifically in a learning environment
The consumability of the content made it easy to learn.

When deciding on an e-Learning platform, consumability is a large determining factor.
by Startup Industries March 23, 2020
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To make something official; usually used in a sense with making a marriage official via sexual intercourse.
The newly wed king and queen consumated their marriage on their honeymoon.
by gunslingergirlvy_c_e March 6, 2008
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