Someone who duels with the teachers a.k.a they make the teachers so angry they have a screaming match.
John "Mr Detez your fat!"
Mr Deteze "How dare you speak to me that way! How rude, do I go around saying whatever I want? im going to send you to the principles office do you understand?"
John "That doesn't help your fat problem sir!"
Phillip to Friend "whoa that guy can fight like a Conquistadore"
by Sir Gump November 23, 2007
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Where you have sex with a man or woman, give them small pox, then kill off their entire family after you've weakened them with your pestilent diseases.
"I gave Jenny the conquistador, now I won't have to worry about her finding out that I gave her mom the conquistador right after I gave it to her later that night."
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The act of charging at and object or person, striking a Captain Morgan pose and masturbating until you ejaculate all over the object/person and then claiming said object/person as your own.
"Hey I heard Jeff was conquistadoring last night?"
"Yeah he totally ran up to Megs couch, whipped out his cock and jizzed all over it, then took it home with him."
"What a bro"
by GxSplinter May 19, 2013
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Someone whos sexually conquered all 3 major holes in the female anatomy.
Chaznard is a Conquistador
by miguel November 2, 2004
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A conquistador was the name given to the Fifteenth-to-Seventeenth century Spanish and Portugese soldiers who conquered much of the world, most famously the Central and Southern Americas. Not nice guys, but effective, and the term is still used today to describe certain people — ruthless business types, etc — who are brutally efficient at what they do. The most famous conquistador was the Spanish adventurer, Hernando Cortes, who subdued the mighty Aztec Empire of Mexico. The word comes, not surprisingly, from the Spanish verb conquistar, "to conquer."
It does not show that the namers were prophets or wise judges, for the Spaniards really knew California not at all for more than two centuries, and then only as a genial but rather barren land; but it shows that the conquistadores mixed poetry with business and illustrates the glamour thrown about the Northern Mystery
by ... Zjdbckdnznsjd August 31, 2019
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n. someone that takes the literal meaning of words, subject, or concept and tries to apply logic which essentially ruins the original intent (often fun and playful)
Rod: That definition makes no sense, what does a conquistador have to do with Asian women? The Spanish never conquered Asia - maybe the Philippines but that was it...
Tiff: OMG, you are the conquistador - stop over analyzing and take it for what it is, its urbandictionary jeez.
by urbaniam November 30, 2011
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n. Caucasian man that dates asian women.
John: I hear Bob is getting a mail-order bride...
Steve: Yeah man, that guy's a total conquistador.
by Will Z May 16, 2007
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