She's a small girl with a big heart. She's probably 5'0 and a weeb. She favors Edward from Twilight and will probably fight you if you don't like supernatural. Overall Connie is a babe.
Connie is a poopyhead
by Nikkoboi October 18, 2020
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Term used to discuss cocaine, like "mary jane" was for pot.
Who wants to party with Connie tonight?
by Mikew71772 August 28, 2006
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Connie is usually smart, skinny and gorgeous. However,she's low in self-esteem and doesn't think she's good enough. All the boys chase her and she rejects most of them. She has the softest most blond and brown hair and the brightest blue eyes. Her smile lights up a room, INSTANTLY! She is a great friend and can cheer anyone up. She's the nicest girl ever and if you are lucky enough to have her as a friend or a relationship ship with her, don't loose her!
Aw my gorgeous Connie made me feel better!
by heygirlxoxo June 07, 2017
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The U.k. version of a Karen a white woman that likes to cause conflict to others they are not necessarily rich or entitled but are very negative (Connie conflict) They normally have a temper and foul mouth will also use the fact that she’s a White woman and claim she is the victim. Certain traits of a Connie:

1, They generally never smile or have a positive thing to say about anything or anyone.

2, They love to know your business and in the throws of an argument will bring up your personal information in public.

3, They will be your troll online or even the catfish or fatfish (should they get caught in person it will always be the victims fault).

4, If you are unfortunate to cohabitate with a Connie she will go out her way to make your life hell.

5, If your having a dispute with someone else a Connie will find a way to inject herself into the situation to potentially inflame the situation even further.

She wouldn’t think twice to call the cops on black people at the drop of a hat in the hope that the cops will respond with force and even kill them.
Connie: I’m calling the cops because you touched my arse

Victim: I wouldn’t go anywhere near you Connie you toxic bitch
by Hot Chocolate69 September 07, 2020
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connie is a girl who is deeply in love with a guy named takuho, but she secretly also likes gerardo diaz jimenez
omg connie you and takuho are so cute together!
by stupidperson123 November 01, 2020
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