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When you smoke so much weed that you have to look on urban dictionary to define how extremely high you are.
"Dude, I'm so Conked right now."

"Who are you??"

by Battle-Cat March 06, 2010
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After the party, everyone conked out and didn't stay up past 2 am.
by DavidA January 29, 2006
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(a verb): Usually related to a blow to the head, dome, melon, skull, noodle, bean, brain bucket, cranium, block, conk or munkus.

Other alternatives: conk, conking
She conked that cheating boyfriend in the munkus really good with that bat!
He fell of his skateboard and conked his head hard on the cement.
His melon doesn't look so good after getting conked by that fella'.
I'm going to conk your noodle if you don't stop it now.
You need a good conking on that big block of yours.
by Grumpy Monkey Pants December 13, 2016
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