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All those servile dynasty-worshipping cretins of India with an IQ that matches your shoe-size. Seeing them would absolutely convince you why in English 'Congress' means a group of Baboons. They prostrate to the first family of India and shit bricks at the mention of words-'Modi or Swamy'. Either they're in this racket for money or slavery is hard-wired into their faulty genes.

They are so imbecile that some morons even think Sonia Gandhi is a grand daughter of Mahatma Gandhi. When asked to bend they usually crawl. Their sycophancy to that dago queen and her shit-for-brains son can put even the courtiers of Kind Canute to shame. They yak about India building (Bharat Nirman) but most can't even point India in the world map. These dhimmi morons also get masochistic delight when dodgy Indian neighbour called Pakistan orchestrates terror attacks on Indian soil or wallops Indian ass. (that helps being 'inclusive').

In most countries you see statutes of PMs but here they even elected a statue as Indian PM. If you attack them verbally they call it 'abusing' (what happened to good old choir boys!) and instantaneously brand you a 'Sanghi'. They honestly believe 26/11 attacks on India were a part of RSS conspiracy just like the batshit crazy loons who believe 9/11 was a Zionist conspiracy. Their political ideology is very clear: left is right and right is wrong.
All in all people who are dead from the neck up and sometimes also from the waist down.
Congress is having a rally at Delhi how the hell are they gonna gather crowds? Worry not pal Congis are always ready to fill up for 3 Dollars a day.
by rationalk August 15, 2013
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A forgotten term used in the Island of Malta to describe an individual.

The description is that of an arsehole.
"Kemm hu moqran dak man"
TRANSLATION: "He's such a fucker that one"

"Naf man, congi ta veru"
TRANSLATION: "I know dude, he's a real arsehole"
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by vellard May 25, 2018
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Short name of A Pakistani terrorist sponsored Indian political party lead by a bunch of idiots
Wen you saw a anti national you can call him " CONGI". In short of traitor
by dskk June 25, 2017
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