short for condom, or used as a silence breaker in situations in which people need laughter.
EX 1) Megan- "did you put a cond on last night?"

Zack- "of course not"

EX 2) (silence)

Brandon- "COND!"

Group- " hahahahahha!"
by ZJ5theBoss March 21, 2011
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The wirdest, stupidest thing in the world, its species hasn't been discovered
That guy is a conde
by The Random guy April 07, 2016
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the funnest ipod app ever.
directions: steer the condoms and fire them at the sperm before they get into they make you pregnant! Hurry up! fasteerrrr...harderrrr..or slow. ;D
I got bored waiting for my mother at the grocery... so i played mr. cond, and i had so much fun! ;D
by BeachChicks15 May 23, 2010
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dumbass kid who needs help who talks to much and needs to stfu
anthony conde needs to stop talking a fucking second .
by some random girls February 20, 2018
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Magazine publishing empire based in New York City whose titles include Cosmopolitan and, ironically, Bon Appetit, since none of the employees there eats.
guy1: "Check out that hottie at that table over there, she hasn't touched anything on her plate"
guy2: "She probably works at Conde Nast."

girl1: "Yo, sista, I'se be wanting a job at your bling crib."
girl2: "Sorry." click
by condelust March 22, 2005
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The belief that adding the letter t to a word makes it less gay.
Michael is el Conde Gay-t and he knows it
by Javier Tapata January 22, 2020
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