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a mix between two items, a dick or penis and a poo. together they make a poo-nis, get it? good. it has many disriptions: a piece of poo shaped like a penis, when you have runny poo, when you poo on your boner, a word to replace stuff and a burn.
u: look in the toilet
guy: holy crap! thats a large penis shaped poo!
u: its a poonis!

u: uhg!!!!!!
toilet: (splatter splatter)
u: ew a poonis its all runny

u: what a hot babe
your penis: (sproing)
u: oh shit I pooed on my boner, a poonis has occured

zac: oh no i dropped my jewish hat, can you pick it up?
u: what your jewish poonis?

matt: you suck
U: go die in a hole with poonis' in it
by The Random guy April 07, 2006
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The wirdest, stupidest thing in the world, its species hasn't been discovered
That guy is a conde
by The Random guy April 07, 2016
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two words often put together for when some one asks you a gay or obvious question, or just for fun you can say it after everything some one says and really piss them off. Or just to burn some one. and you need to say OH! or BURN!!!! or somthing gay like that.
gay guy: your so asian
cool guy: your moms so asian
random guy: ASIAN!!! HA!!!! ASIAN!!!!

gay guy: lets play a game
cool guy: lets play your mom
random guy: OH!!!!!

gay guy: you suck
cool guy: your mom sucks... MY BALLS!!!!!
random guy: pwn3d!!

gay guy: what do you wanna do today?
cool guy: your mom
random guy: HAHA HE BURNED YOU FOOL!!!!! FUCK YOU!!!
by The Random guy April 07, 2006
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