Having a conversation completely unrelated to the original status update through comments between two or more people that excludes the poster of the status update. The original poster will return to an email full of notifications of a conversation he/she was not a part of.

These tend to happen randomly and mystifies all others who read the randomly place public conversation.

Usually ends in the original posters profound confusion and slight anger over the useless notifications he received due to others using his/hers account as a personal chat window.

A phenomenon found on Facebook and Myspace.

Comversed is derived from a combination of Comment and Conversation. In the theme of Converse, Chucked can also be used.
My friends Comversed my status update about photography and ended up talking about curing bacon. When I woke up I had 58 pointless email notifications.
by itemnumbernine September 3, 2009
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The intentional act of transferring information to a non-interested or illiterate party during a routine conversation. "communicate" + "converse" = "comverse"
I'll try and comverse the green card information to Paco while we talk about tortillas.
by Roland819 December 6, 2006
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the art of having a conversation in myspace comments
me and matt and the best comversation last night
by klemm December 13, 2006
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When people have conversations in the comments in various social media.
Kim: My Facebook notifications are blowing up! Jessie and Gordon have been having a comversation.
Emily: They need to shut up.
by HeyGuysItsHaley July 20, 2012
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