Spanglish for Comprehension.

Past tense- comprendationsness

I comprendation this. He/She comprendations this. You comprendiate this.

I comprendationsness this. He/She comprendationsness this. You comprendiationsness this.
by shsmixer98 December 01, 2013
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To Understand, usually ask in a question, which is finished with Comprende.
Comprende? : You Understand?
by Conor Nickargra April 29, 2006
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To understand.
1. We need to go and murk Big red, hes been talkin' trash all night...Comprende?

2. Comprende Mother fucker!
by Big J dawg December 24, 2008
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what the fuck are you talking about???? getting too deep / intentionally esoteric just for the fucks sake. just say what you mean straight up otherwise i'll just say 'no comprende'.
my high socialist buddy started off right away with how the meaning of life was symbolized by ... <bla bla bla bla>...... I am totally like at a loss to even begin to respond so I just say "no comprende, dude"
by creature69 April 30, 2020
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No comprende is a illegal immigrant worker who, by his own claim, does not understand.

Eyewitnesses claim that he did not comprende.

His vocabulary consists of two words, no, and comprende.
Student- Ahh my legs! Somone call 911! *falls over* Help Me!

No comprende- No comprende

Mico- You wake up like this papi

No comprende- No comprende
by Jeremy Bklyn January 02, 2011
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its spanish for 'know what i mean?'
yes, you can have a polish dog, but we put a
"special ingredient" in it, comprendes?
by beejabeeja January 18, 2007
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