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A musical term that is similar to a sforzando. Signals to get loud and then soft quickly with sudden accent and attack.
Ross: hi mr schwartzando!
Randall: what's up man?
Ross: getting loud then soft quickly! Super force!
by Shsmixer98 November 17, 2013

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Spanglish for Comprehension.

Past tense- comprendationsness

I comprendation this. He/She comprendations this. You comprendiate this.

I comprendationsness this. He/She comprendationsness this. You comprendiationsness this.
by shsmixer98 December 01, 2013

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A day when you feel completely overwhelmed and stressed with homework and simply give up on all hope for completing work due the next day.

A bucket Sunday can occur any day of the week besides Sunday, if it feels like a Sunday night before school.

This term originated from the band director in Rockland, NY, that created the "Bucket Friday."
Mother: Don't you have that history project due tomorrow?
Son: "buck-it." It's a bucket Sunday and I just don't care anymore.
by Shsmixer98 November 17, 2013

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