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To brag while pretending to complain.
Jake is always complagging about how tiresome it is to be making art in Europe.

I was complagging about the fact that since August 28th, I've been on fourteen flights. But it really is hard on my back!
by Darren O'Donnell October 27, 2007
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verb. : bragging disguised as complaining, usually done by people with no social skills who can't talk about anyone but themselves but try to make it seem relatable.
Becky - "omg I went on vacation to Turks and Caicos this summer for four weeks on a scuba trip but this kid on our yaht was so loud that he sacred away the animals! We only saw like 7 turtles!"
Me- "shut it Becky why u always complagging?"
by Marinaandurmom October 02, 2016
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to brag about something while disguising it as a complaint
I swear to god, if Lisa complags one more time about how much work she has because she keeps getting all these new clients, I'm going to punch her in her ovaries.
by angryavocado July 03, 2015
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