A euphemism for a pimp.

Commonly used my individuals professing to be 'businessmen', whose job it is to "bring the love together'.

Can be applied both literally or as a metaphor for being down on life.
"I'm not a pimp. I consider myself a Companionator. I'm all about bringing the love together."
by Idonothing August 16, 2015
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Someone who knows you, has had communications with you, and who inspires you to live pleasantly.
by Ereck Flowers March 16, 2015
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A noun describing another that one desires to associate with, ideally without entangling one's material assets with said other. Accordingly, companions ideally have no perceived need to associate with each other. Companionship can be considered as a Pure relationship because it is unforced by contemporary conditions (needs). Ideally, each companion has their own place of residence and/or clearly defined boundaries within the same residence, allowing for independence (i.e. they can each (dis)associate with each other as they mutually want). Companionship can be contrasted with both plutonic love/conventional friendship and marriage/engagement/dating, as each often incorporates elements where the relationship is expected and accepted to exist at least partially due to perceived need (e.g. where one friend turns to another for advice on how to get through a financial hardship; where a husband and wife believe they need each other for financial or emotional support). Companionship may or may not be romantic/sexual in nature. The term may, for example, be used to formally describe modern romantic relationships whose participants have not registered their marriage with government (thus avoiding legal entanglement of personhood) and/or those whose participants do not share material resource such as joint bank accounts and jointly owned/mortgaged houses.
Is she your wife, spouse, partner, de facto, friend?

Neither, Samantha's my companion.
by Pterippus February 5, 2019
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Doctor Who has had various companions who have chosen to travel with him for there own reason. Every Doctor has had companions, as many as 10(1st doctor, spread out through 4 season)

The Doctor’s lastest companion, Rose, is the first companion of the Doctors with a fully fleshes out life story that the audience gets to see from her debut story. She, unlike other companions, has not been cut off from her family or the world she knew.
"This is my companion, she travels with me"
by Stefani Bigaran August 23, 2005
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To have friends- Opposite of lonely
He is so companionated
by Harry Davenport December 21, 2006
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Downsized or miniature versions of local phone directories that were portable enough to be carried around in your car. They were popular during the late 1990s and 2000s in the era when cell phones were becoming ever more commonplace and affordable (but before I-phones were popular) and many still relied on the white pages or yellow pages for information.
If you had a cell phone, the problem of carrying around a bulky phone book in your car was solved when miniature versions - known as companions - were made available and could easily be placed on the seat whenever a phone number needed to be looked up while on the road.
by Epitoooooozy February 18, 2022
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Recent term for escort, full service sexual services provider.
Twitter won't let me list myself as an escort . So I have to list myself as a companion. If you're traveling and you want to find a sex worker on Twitter, search for #companion and your city.
by Totally Sexxy Nerd February 28, 2019
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