Inserting one's penis into an anus whilst the individual is in the process of defecating, thus forcing the feces back into and compressing it within the colon
After an evening of compacting with my spouse, I am in need of an enema so we can do round 2 tonight.
by Dsenight October 5, 2019
A short girl with a big ass, big titties or both.
Friend 1: You moved on from your last girl yet?

Friend 2: Yea, take a look *shows picture*

Friend 1: Damn that bitch compact
by Benefactor#1070 November 29, 2019
Compact is when a girl is very short (under 5'7) and has a very large posterior.
Realeigh is a very compact young female adult.
by Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.. March 16, 2017
Making sure ones luggage or strap is always loaded
Hey nigga you coming with me you better compact
by heather ovellette January 21, 2015
The art of swooping in and stealing someones Kill in Halo or any other Online Shooters.
i.e Dropping an enemy's shield and then having the trash compactor finish him off getting all the credit.

Dude stop trash compacting me and get your own kill.
by doctor lollypop January 14, 2011
A small optical disk on which data such as music, text, or graphic images is digitally encoded.
In the 20th century, the spelling compact disc was preferred by persons in the UK, while compact disk was preferred by persons in the USA. Recently, the computer industry has come to use disk, while the music industry uses disc.
Thus, a compact disc will generally contain music.
Gimme back my compact disc!

CD is a better form of compact disc.

Fool--compact disk is spelled with the letter 'c'!
by whey May 25, 2005
If you don't know what a compact disc is, you are fuckin' stupid!
I recently baught Aerosmith's 'Toys in the Attic' on compact disc.
by Anonymous August 1, 2003