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A small optical disk on which data such as music, text, or graphic images is digitally encoded.
In the 20th century, the spelling compact disc was preferred by persons in the UK, while compact disk was preferred by persons in the USA. Recently, the computer industry has come to use disk, while the music industry uses disc.
Thus, a compact disc will generally contain music.
Gimme back my compact disc!

CD is a better form of compact disc.

Fool--compact disk is spelled with the letter 'c'!
by whey May 25, 2005

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(verb) pronounced: swilk.
to swallow, gulp, or suck with a slobbering noise; to swallow food with an abnormal amount of noise; to eat like a hog at a trough.
Originally of Scottish origin, suilk has come to be used in English, and have English verb conjugations. Thus, "suilking" is the act, and a "suilker" is one who suilks.
Commonly used as an insult or provocation.
Cut it out! Your suilking makes me sick.

Suilk, suilk, suilk--that's all you've done tonight! You are the master suilker, all right.

My worst habit is suilking. I just can't eat soup without it.
by whey May 22, 2005

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