3 definitions by doctor lollypop

The art of swooping in and stealing someones Kill in Halo or any other Online Shooters.
i.e Dropping an enemy's shield and then having the trash compactor finish him off getting all the credit.

Dude stop trash compacting me and get your own kill.
by doctor lollypop January 14, 2011
When playing Left 4 Dead you are the last person alive in campaign or Versus, and its your job to either revive the rest of the team up or make it to the safe room.
Go guy make it to the safe room you're our beacon of hope!
by doctor lollypop January 19, 2011
while talking the use of several foul or inappropriate words.
guy1: if that douche wants to be difficult he can go fuck himself in the ass

Guy2 : woa guy relax with that salty language there's lady's present
by doctor lollypop February 18, 2011