3 definitions by Dsenight

Inserting one's penis into an anus whilst the individual is in the process of defecating, thus forcing the feces back into and compressing it within the colon
After an evening of compacting with my spouse, I am in need of an enema so we can do round 2 tonight.
by Dsenight October 04, 2019
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Covering a dick with honey and putting skittles all over it, ala ants on a log, then sucking said dick.
My wife wanted a sweet desert after dinner, so I prepared her a rainbow trout.
by Dsenight February 08, 2020
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Two men who helicopter their penises around a woman's breasts such that her nipples become the center of each rotation in the fashion of nipple tassles.
While my buddy and I were tassling this chick, I spun too fast and the friction from her nipple burned a hole in my scrotum.
by Dsenight October 10, 2019
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