When a girl is so hideously ugly that hooking up with her could only be considered community service. See also Eagle Scout Project.
"See that girl over there?"
"Which, the whale over by the bar?"
"Yeah, that's some fuckin community service right there"
by Berry November 26, 2003
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Doing "Community Service" is what one is at a club/bar and a ugly chick tries to dance with you. Instead of rejecting her, you feel for her hideousness and dance with her just to be nice.
Tim-Yo Ethan, why the hell did you dance with that fat chick.

Ethan- Ah man, I was doing some community service.

Ethan- Easy man, I was getting my hours in.
by DrexelWrestler January 14, 2011
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Similar to "taking one for the team". When you get with the fat/ugly/ annoying girl so that your friend can get the cute girl .
Billy : "i heard you went out with Dave last night "
Joe; " the worst , i ended up doing community service "
by billy joe bob-bob October 6, 2019
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When attractive people decides to bang ugly chicks so they can have a good time every once in a while
If I fuck this girl, I am sure she will remember this for the rest of her life, that is Community Service right there.
by Mattew42 July 30, 2022
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Usually involves occupying a melter at a party, usually unintentionally so that the rest of the partiers need not suffer.
"Ben's been talking to that melter Jerry for about half an hour now"

"Yeah, he's doing community service"
by gintonic September 11, 2008
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Linking people to synonymous sites that may have been redesigned with L33t $p3AK in mind; preferrably on forums. Also, encouraging fellow forum members to do dumb things.
Generously linking to www.google.com/intl/xx-hacker should be appreciated by andrewwarne75.
by .Richard April 23, 2005
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I'm going to go support anti-community service and chop trees down with a big, gas powered chiansaw to raise the CO2 levels in the world to kill off the population.
by pseudonym # 33 March 30, 2009
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