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The Commission is an organization of 11 teams in GLB that have to come together across different levels to form one of the most cohesive systems of player development. It is run equally by the 7 board members whose main goals are to win gold at every level, to have a system of elite talented players who will get to play at least 3 to 4 seasons in Pro and possibly WL, and to have a place where your players can be used the right way. We have invited you to join us because you are an elite agent, and you understand why this is such a good idea. There is no sacrifice, every team we run will be going for gold each season.
The Commission - Mourning Woodys, Victoria Teabaggers, Victoria Stingrays, Warhawks, JHawks, GLB Allstars, Trigger Happy Psycho Bunnies, Eccentric Bombing Psycho Bunnies, New Jersey Red Devils, Shock Collar Gladiators
by KingofNY January 22, 2010

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