Sony's online gaming platform, first released at the end of the Playstation 2's lifetime, now standard on all Playstation 3's. Unlike xbox users, who have to pay around $50 a year for xbox live, PSN is absolutely free of charge. PSN is about equal to live overall. PSN lacks a couple features, such as avatars and party chat, but PSN makes up for it because it has no modorators, no getting banned, and ITS FREE!!!!
Xbox Fan: Dude i wanna go home and play online, but my subscription ran out and i got banned for three weeks because i said "buttcheeks".

PS3 Fan: Aww too bad, I'm going to go home and play for free on Playstation Network, and not get banned on the technologically superior gaming system!
by Dave Pearman June 4, 2010
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PlayStation Network, often abbreviated as PSN, is the online gaming service that PlayStation has to offer, unlike the Xbox live it is free.
I can't wait 'till I get home, so I can own some noobs online for free.
I can't believe Xbox users have to pay $60 a year Playstation Network is free!:D
by Dg4 May 14, 2011
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Like xbox live without features and has alot of lag.
playstation network needs features.
by joes anderson April 8, 2008
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April 20, 2011. Japanese corporation Sony was maliciously and directly targeted in an attack by hackers causing massive PSN outages and nerd withdrawal everywhere. Early word is that it was a Playstation Network Godzilla Attack....
I've been in a funk since I can't play Call of Duty online on my PS3 because of the Playstation Network Godzilla Attack...
by Fanchero April 27, 2011
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