The most comfortable one can imagine being.

'As snug as a bug in a rug' has slowly been overtaken in popularity by the non-elitist phrase for the people: 'as Comfy as G'. Although it is known that it originates on the backstreets of Aberdeen and has slowly spread into England, no one is quite sure who G is and why he/she/it was so damn comfy.
Person 1: mmmmmmm, my new snuggie is as Comfy as G!
Person 2: Dude. You're 27.
by Rob from Santa Monica August 18, 2010
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A jizz; that involves being pampered whilst you masterbate; the first person masterbates, whilst the second performs a relaxing activity, such as massaging the shoulders; washing the hair; or feeding ferrero rocher. The second person could be a lover, close friend or paid services.
Your playing call of duty, whilst wanking, and someone starts feeding you wagon wheels = Comfy jizz
by Wolly_Jones May 2, 2011
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MG whoring Call of Duty player.
Derived from the Monty Python skit featuring the Spanish Inquisition. The Comfy Chair is the most feared torture device in which unbelievers are vigorously poke by soft cushions. Nobody expects this because Nobody Expects The Spanish Inquisition!
by Pope_on_a_bender February 10, 2005
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The cheap flannel pants you wear around the house when your hungover...
" I was so fucking hungover yesterday, I just threw on my comfy pants and laid on the couch all day."
by Brook B. January 12, 2009
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Peter had never encountered so many big comfy people before arriving to Detroit.
by WackyMcSpacky October 20, 2009
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A term referring to a woman's vagina. Can also be used more specifically to describe a vagina that is a very good fit for the guy using it.
I used my girlfriends comfy envelope last night to post a letter to the navy

My wife's comfy envelope is just right for my letter opener
by Shanks120y August 3, 2009
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when you get back to your residence and decide to crack some brews, you take off the work clothes and throw on some sweats to get drinking comfy
I got back to my dorm and needed to unwind after a tough day of class, so I threw on my basketball shorts and got myself drinking comfy.
by theoregonduck June 3, 2011
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