A PC way of describing someone who is underdressed or looking like a scrub.
I saw jan lookin comfy wearing an oversized tee and sweatpants at the grocery store.
by erieee December 12, 2009
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a guy who loves wearing fluffy sweaters, and dresses comfi everyday, and yes, they do spell it with an I.
guy1: yo, look at STEVE, i think he's gay
guy2: no he's just a comfi boi
by Comfirt April 17, 2021
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The act of changing out of your uncomfortable works clothes into a comfier outfit like sweats or pajamas to relax at home.
I’m going to comfy down before we start watching TV.
by Krenshaw March 25, 2019
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When the bathroom is completely empty so you are free to comfortably poop at whatever volume and intensity you like without facing embarrassment.
since no one was in the Chipotle bathroom, I took the biggest and loudest comfy dump of all time.
by raynadayz April 27, 2017
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"Getting Comfy", is a new term invented by a high school teacher, explaining chromosomes to her students. "Getting Comfy" is a substitute for unprotected sex.
Jack and Jill are "getting comfy" on the hill. In 9 months, they will have a child.
by MelonMan420 February 2, 2022
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When a man is feeling so relaxed he gets an erection.
Woman: "Are you horny? You have quite the boner."
Man: "No, just a comfy bone."
by comfynips November 26, 2012
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