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A difficult word to define due primarily to its great many uses in common vernacular. Can be all parts of speech. Generally referring to anything particularly noteworthy, unique, or meaningful. Also necessary to integrate into as many puns as possible.
Yeah, the party's here, Comeaun over.

I drank too much water so I need to run to the Comeaude real quick.

by D$ and JDawg January 16, 2009
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n. Someone who is a fan of the Louisiana Booty Call, anal probes, acne sex, gay old men porn, bisexual women with hairy twats, and Mongolian bow wows. Also someone who skips first base and goes right to shitting on their partners chest.

v. the act of fisting males anus whilst docking.

a. another term for being homosexual to all of your straight friends.
n. Dude this comeau was doing the dirtiest things with me last night.

v. i was comeauing with my dad the evening before last.

a. Eric, stop being comeau.
by ronnie willz November 17, 2011
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Literally means "like water"; a heritage name with noble roots and creative talents weaved into French and Native ancestry. Many are nurses, musicians, dignitaries, notaries, politians, property owners, film producers, poets, media and public relations. Comeau blood is linked with power, leadership, governance, arts and culture. People of class.
I rolled in Comeau-style, ordered a bourbon on the rocks and debated politics with the dreamers and players
by Jahabing March 19, 2017
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