Today is the day when you can slap anyones ass and they can not say nothin about it and cannot complain. And if they do they have to kiss ur ass.
Justice: "slaps ass"
Huge dude with mucles: Aye wtf man!!
Justice: Its September 17th mf kiss my ass!!!
by the nerd with a turd May 01, 2020
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National hug an important person day!Hug someone who means a lot to you.
Person 1: hugs
Person 2: “what was that for?!”
Person 1: “its national hug an important person day!!”
Person 2: “oh yeah its September 17th!”
by Yeyesocool September 15, 2021
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National tie your hair up day.

Someone in the world probably has nits, tie your hair up just so you don't get them.
It's the 17th September, you have to tie your hair up!
by Name sksksksk September 16, 2021
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