1) A more definite version of "Come On!" Used to show emphasis.

2) Said by Rideo to Maus on the NG BBS.
1)You don't want to go have sex because you toe hurts, come the fuck on!

2) "Girls don't slap very hard? Seriously, Come the fuck on."
by SlySniper January 10, 2006
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"Come the fuck at me" is a challenge, a taunt to those you wish to agitate or physically intimidate.
"Hey you giving me the dirty look! Come the fuck at me!"
by DavethePenguin1 August 15, 2011
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An expression of disdain over the shrinking of one's wool jumper.
"Come on to fuck Emma, you shrunk my jumper again!"
by rizzyo December 18, 2008
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High heels that are of a certain length that are generally worn by sluts or women trying to act slutty and scream fuck me!
Did you see Allie wearing those come fuck me heels at graduation?
by blackmojo December 2, 2013
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high heeled, ankle strapped woman's shoes circa 1940s causing one to walk in a pronounced, seductive, strutting motion, made popular by actress Joan Crawford
Listen, Mary, just because you're wearing those Joan Crawford Come Fuck Me Pumps, you still ain't no movie star!
by Frankie & Johnny April 8, 2005
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knee high stilettos or knee high lace up boots. often worn by hookers or sluts
by ally iz sexy November 17, 2005
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the 'v' shaped lines leading towards the boys penis
Kate: Have you seen Zack Merrick's Come Fuck Me Lines?
Rach: Yes, the are screaming 'come fuck me'
by KelsTheMitch April 12, 2008
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