1. To approach somebody with dishonest intentions.

2. To disrespect somebody, especially in their own house.

3. To flirt, especially if the flirting is unwanted, or behind their significant others' back.
"Damn, why is he coming up sideways on me? He knows I have a man."

"Miss oompa loompa body ass bitch coming up sideways at me like I ruined her life, she ruin her own damn life."
by Pikapikahikaru June 26, 2020
Dig someone out of a hole, or do something that turns the tide and turns the situation into a success, particularly at the last minute and when unexpected, with all hope lost.
Same as come through for someone in the clutch, only an older phrase, and more precise, better conveying the sense of "in the nick of time", and "unexpected".

Look at it like this- played out action movie scenario: there are three guys fighting. 2 vs 1. One of them gets knocked out cold, and then the guy that knocked him out pulls out a gun and is about to finish off the other guy. Just when he is about to pull the trigger and send him to kingdom come, he gets hit in the head/ shot in the back etc by someone, and we see that someone is the guy who was out cold.

He came up trumps.
My old junker broke down and left me stranded in the middle of nowhere, but this guy came up trumps and gave me a ride.
#come up trumps

This bully started pushing me around, but Daniel came up trumps just when I was about to get my ass kicked big time, and took him down a few pegs.
by Barzagli September 22, 2017
A new recipeh is when Ignis from final fantasy busts a nut and makes a recipeh out of dead animals that he just sencelessly murdered for no reason. He will most likely exclaim "That's it!" (busts a nut) "I've come up with a new recipeh!"
His companions have no idea of the busted nut, and just tells him "Love to try it"

Warning; Don't try it. It has most likely a handfull of busted nuts.
Thats it! I've come up with a new recipeh!

Great! Love to try it out!

by Make some time for a recipeh February 12, 2019
When you're at a point in life where no matter what you're presented with, it's a come up from the position you're in.
Even though he had just lost both legs in a car wreck, meeting that pregnant chick was a Kelly come up for him
by Auctiondude July 22, 2022
For one to become affected by cannabis.
“If I smoke a joint through my nose, will I still come up dirty?”
“Yes randy, you will still come up dirty.”
by Dethbyseth9753 July 26, 2022
A person who was a duff in their past and is now a hot glown up masterpiece
Guy 1: Damn heathers a come up duff!
Guy 2: Yah she used to be really ugly but now I really wanna date her
by Em's definitions August 14, 2017