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Our Lady of Lourdes Academy is a Catholic school in Miami, FL. It is really difficult to get into and normally about 200 applicants do not get accepted. Its girls range from poor to well- off, but there is no perticular economic status that can be associated with these girls. The schools academics are seen to be challenging, and a large percentage of their sports teams are ranked highly in the state. There are no perticular guys that Lourdes girls date, but most tend to date either Belen Jesuit high school or Chistopher Columbus high school students. Although, some girls do date guys from other schools including public schools and universities. There is no hatred for any school by Lourdes, but there is a bit of a rivalry between Lourdes and Carrolton (I don't know how to spell that by the way so it may be wrong). Some us may be prude considering it is a Catholic school and Catholicism teaches chastity, but this does not apply to all Lourdes girls. Also, how is this a bad thing? Oh, and I have never even heard of one lesbian Lourdes girl while I have heard of some from other schools. In addition, Lourdes girls are generally very pretty so "busted" would definitely not be the right word to describe all Lourdes girls. I don't know where people get off saying differently. Please, stop believing these stereotypes. Girls at Lourdes are diverse just like girls or guys anywhere else. So get a life, and stop criticizing Lourdes or any school, for that matter.
Damn it, Our Lady of Lourdes Academy kicked our asses at the soccer game.

That Lourdes girl is so chill.

That Lourdes girl is stacked. I'd tap that if she'd let me.

Random person: Why the hell is that girl so cool?
Random person 2: She goes to Lourdes.
by Dani, Patty and Vicky November 10, 2006
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A private catholic girl school located in Miami, FL. It is probably one of the most popular high schools in the area and is also known as OLLA or the bobcats. It’s true that everyone wants to go there but not many get in. They kick ass at.. hmm.. EVERYTHING. They are definitely a threat to other schools and most people are jealous of them. They rank top in the state every year. Most of the girls there are rich, pretty, smart, preppy, and outgoing. Sure they are spoiled and bitchy but that's part of thier charm and everyone loves them. They usually associate with people from schools such as Gulliver, Columbus, and Belen and lets face it, guys have a thing for Lourdes girls and you can’t blame them. The school breeds doctors and lawyers and is academically advanced compared to other schools, as it is in everything else. Everyone wants to be a Lourdes girl and for those who don't it’s only because they didn't make it in and they are mad they have to go to a crapy school. It’s a tough school so you have to know your stuff to make it. It’s truly one of the best schools out there and anyone who tells you otherwise is just jealous. After all if it wasn't such an awesome school then why does everyone talk about it and criticize it so much? And why is it all over the internet and news paper? And most importantly why are you sitting here reading this? The bobcats kick ass; it's the perfect school and you know it.
Damn it! Our Lady of Lourdes Academy kicked our ass at the game last night.

Did you see that girl? She's so pretty! She must go to Lourdes.

Why is it that Lourdes girls always get all the guys?

Did Lourdes win... AGAIN?
by OLLAfan June 22, 2009
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An all female high-school in Miami, Florida that is predominantly Hispanic (i.e. Cuban). "Lourdes" girls are known for wearing short blue-and-white uniforms and ribbons in their hair. Famous alumni include the girl with the tacky quince party filmed on "My Sweet 16" and Gloria Estefan. The school's egalitarian admissions policy ensures a good class mix that ranges from trust fund babies to chongas.
"Check out that Lourdes girl's (i.e. Our Lady of Lourdes Academy) gold grills and her huge hoop earrings!"

"Check out that Lourdes girl's (i.e. Our Lady of Lourdes Academy) matching Burberry coat, belt, shoes and purse!"
by Cristy Garcia May 19, 2010
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School of mostly rich snobby prude bitches. I dont know why they go out with Belen guys they arent even interested in them cuz they are all gay.
by Mike April 25, 2005
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Our Lady of Lourdes Academy...a school for rich ass stuck up prude bitches that swear theyre the best girls in the world when really their dikes!!!!!!!!!!!!!! They swear there so much better than St. Brendan girls well at least St. Brendan girls are nice and were not snobby ass bitches like fucking lourdes girls...HONK UR HORN FOR LOURDES.....then crash into the nearest tree...did i mention they were gold diggers o yea and there ugly as fuck! NO GUY WANTS TO DATE A LOURDES DIKE!!!
go eat a pussy bobcats
like omg that guy doesnt have enough money maybe I should go for one of the girls in my school

belen guy: why do u think theres so many single girls at lourdes?
belen guy 2: bcuz there either busted and fucking ugly or rich ass snobby bitches
by baBysAbre7 May 06, 2005
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