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Usually a boy. Super cool, likes to have conversations and talk a lot. Coltans tend to be pretty crazy but totally fun. They are really good singers, and tend to have really cool talents. Coltans are also super cute, smart, and sensitive!
That guy is super awesome, he must be a Coltan.
by Mafrisch January 08, 2012
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A boy who's age ranges from 11 - 13, who constantly makes highly sexual statements at random times throughout the day. He strongly enjoys the presence of semen and calling people cock mongers.
"Hey Jim, did u know girls masturbate more than men".

"Dammit you Coltan"!
by - Silky Johnson July 11, 2008
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A large figure generally accompanied by an ominous sense of foreboding and a lingering smell of smoke. Has been compared to fuzzy animals, likes making inappropriate jokes about your mother. Synonymous with loyalty and truth.
That Coltan guy is pretty decent, even though he called my mom fat.
by Marshanic August 31, 2010
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