A group of people, also known as a drill team or dance team, who add visual flair to a marching band. They are most often associated with flags, which they often march with and twirl. However, many groups also dance, and some schools' colorguards twirl other interesting objects such as rifles, chain flags, etc.
These groups also often wear fairly skintight or showy uniforms (but still in many cases modest compared to the cheerleaders), and they may wear a lot of makeup and glitter so that their faces are not washed out under the lights on a football field. These performers enhance the band's music with their routines and make halftime shows much more interesting.
1) -"hey, you're wearing a skirt, are you a cheerleader?"
-"No, I'm on the colorguard and it freakin' rocks!"
2) The colorguard and band performed at the halftime show.
3) -"Those band kids are such dorks!"
-"Better watch what you say, man. That girl over there is in colorguard and she'll kick your ass if she hears you diss her friends."
by andriod5 September 29, 2005
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1. An amazing varsity sport in which teenage girls wear inresting costumes and at-times-exessive makeup in order to provide visuals for a marching band show
2. the visual movement ensamble of a marching band
Those colorguard members look really medeival in those velvet dresses.
by ungossipychicka July 11, 2004
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A person who is multi talented and do a routine with at least one of these flag, rifle, baton, and can in some cases dance, must know how to march.
Look at the color guard in the band their flags are so pretty.
by Elizabeth September 15, 2003
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Girls (mostly) who spin a flag, rifle, and/or sabre( or sword). They are a mix between cheerleaders, dancers, and football players. They work their asses off to look good out on the field. Color guards are always together in shows, and strive to look the same. They are the best part of marching band.
Bob: Hey, whose that hot chick wearing a unitard and spinning a flag?

Steve: Oh, that's Sally, she's on color guard!
Bob: Sweet.
by hannahgeeeeee August 06, 2009
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we're the "icing on the cake" we make the band look pretty and put some color in to the band on the field with many visuals using flags,rifles,sabres,or anything else you can find
go to a marcing band competition and see the guard strut their stuff and twirl those falgs!!
by Meg December 06, 2003
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a group of girls that never really wanted to be a cheerleader. not always "over weight cows" as some people say, and almost never whores or sluts. i have personally been in colorguard for 5 years. i am underweight and i dress conservativly, ask any one. there are some times guard guys but they are often rare, especially in high school guards, they are not always gay but a good percent of them are. if you insult them by saying that they are just wanna bees or whores then be afraid, be very afraid. they can show up any where at any time and the marching band has their backs.
Ashley/ Cheerleader: can you believe that colorguard girl you know she just wants to be on the squad. she'd never make it, she doesn't have the talent.
*Jen overhears her and tells the rest of the guard and marching band*

Next day

by colorwheel360 May 30, 2007
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you guys didnt even begin to touch the surface of what color guard is.
performance quality isnt just smiling. you gotta be angry or sad or alter-ego or whatever fits the music.
tosses are the hardest.
you have to do ballet.
you have to point your feet
you have to remember drill.
you have to spin. sabers. flags. rifles.
you have to survive band camp.
you have to not only be cold, but burning hot.
you have to make the losing team your colorguarding for look good.
you have to put up with the band until winter guard.
and thats all the negatives.
you can see your beautiful flags in action while watching playbacks.
you can get friends with other colorguard folk.
you have something to do.
its rewarding.
its pretty.
its a sport.
and thats all i can think of.

i spin for west orange n and we are beasts. better then you losers.

color guard is the act of spinning flags sabres and rifles while dancing (ballet) and remembering drill during fall season. its a hard yet rewarding thing and its absolutley amazing,
by the best chick on w.o flag line. September 21, 2007
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