The Colon Cleanse is a complex sexual act that begins by inserting Mentos into your partners anus, convincing them that the candies are in fact anal beads. Once five or six mentos have been inserted, the male partner squeezes a bottle of Diet Coke into the female's rectum and plugs her butt with his erect penis. As the reaction between the coke and Mentos commences, the male partner must concentrate on holding his position for maximum explosion, and finally removing his penis from the woman's anus, releasing a whirlwind of Coke-Mentos-Feces-Ejaculate Fluid blend that effectively "cleanses" the colon.
MIKEY: My girlfriends flatulence have smelled quite fresh ever since we performed the Colon Cleanse last night.

JOSTON: Dude, I hope you put some plastic sheets down or something.
by jda-grava.1 February 5, 2010
A massive and foul smelling fart that comes out with such force that you feel like your insides have been cleaned out.
(said in the famous Klump dinner scene #1 in the Nutty Professor (1996).

"You want your colon cleansed?"
"Fine I'm gona clean mine."
"There now my colons clean I'm taking squeaky clean."
"I gave myself a good colon cleansing right before entering the car." "However the nasty ass smell still stunk up the whose damn vehicle."
by ************** November 22, 2007
I shouldn't have eaten all that breakfast at the buffet table if I don't get to a bathroom fast I'm going to have a Colon Cleansing Catastrophe in my pants
by Shiftylou August 21, 2019
A medical procedure used to do what your body already does.
Don't fucking get a colon cleansing, your colon cleans itself anyway.
by Cyan_on_the_dictionary February 28, 2022