When you are snorting cocaine off a persons ass and they fart, blowing the coke all over your face.
I was doing lines off a strippers ass and she gave me a Colombian Leafblower!
by Yer seudonym June 18, 2022
After upsetting your hot headed fella (usually Latino) or saying/doing something to disrespect him. You apologise by offering your arse and taking it up the bum. All is then forgiven.
"Valeria upset me the other day, disrespected my wife while we were at it. Was about to lose my shit but she gave me a Colombian apology to calm me down. Wasn't mad at her anymore after that."
by Fookem August 10, 2021
Having sex in the leap frog or prone position while both partners consume cocaine that was smuggled in a coconut. The last line of coke shall be poured on her back. Approaching climax, the man snorts the last line of cocaine and then cums in the coconut shell. Add rum into the coconut shell so both partners can enjoy a Colombian juju on the rocks.
Kevin: Trey, what was that drink you gave me last night? It was delicious.

Trey: Danielle and I made a Colombian JUJU and couldn't drink all of it.
by colombianjux2 February 10, 2022
The action of taking a girl and shoving her torso in the truck of a vehicle. Proceed to blow her back out, and at the moment of climax, yank out ur dong and shove it into her asshole.
I did that thing you told me to try with my girl last night, it had her screaming like a Colombian Straight Pipe
by DomDaddyyyy April 4, 2021