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A trendy New Jersey suburb of Philadelphia, sandwiched between Camden, the most dangerous city in the United States, and Haddonfield, the most stuck up city in the United States.

Collingswood boasts a thriving main street with many BYOB restaurants and artsy stores, as well as live music on the streets and special events throughout the year.
I'm heading over to Collingswood to overspend at a store owned by an old lady who is running her business because it's her life dream.

I want to get crunk on a 12 pack of suds while eating a delicious meal, so I'll hit the liquor store and head over to Collingswood.
by Todd21 May 21, 2008
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Collingswood (also known as C-wood, C-hood which is really dumb, and Colls). Collingswood consists of three towns: Oaklyn, Woodlyn, and Collingswood. There are about 800 students in grades 9th-12th. Kids from Camden try to attend because it’s known for being good at sports such as basketball (boys and girls), wrestling, field hockey and lacrosse. They are terrible in softball, track, and girl’s tennis. And all of the other sports are average, and they don’t have a men’s lacrosse team. The school is a joke because the teachers don’t care about anything if you suck up to them and respect them. However, there are a handful of great teachers who want to teach. The problem is that the kids think they are too cool to learn. The freshmen think they are the shit and they clog the hallways. There is usually at least one fight a year. You probably cut class to go to Wa-Wa, to smoke a cigarette, or to just get the fuck out. If you’ve ever got caught skipping class it was probably by Garbirino. There are about 4 teachers who you think are perverts, and they are because they flirt with anything with a vagina and at least b-cup breasts. During the weeks in winter, “the popular kids” go to the boy’s basketball games and wrestling matches. No one goes to the girls basketball games. Most of the kids get their beer from some senior boy who looked old enough to get served at Akunimos, or an older relative. You drink cheap vodka, keystone, or natty light. Some kids in Collingswood know HOW to throw a party (most likely a kid from Oaklyn) but EVERYONE knows how to party. When it’s warm out everyone goes to the trestle to party, which ALWAYS gets busted by the cops. Many juniors and seniors smoke shitty mids that were sold to them from one of their classmates.
by collingswood February 02, 2009
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Collingswood is a suburb located right in between Camden and Haddonfield. We are known as the #1 most gay friendly town in ALL of New Jersey so that could give you a hint. Our town is full of liberals and hippy parents who drink wine or beer everyday and most likely are involved in PTA, even though their child has graduated high school. Collingswood kids are good at sports (most of them) but after the 2016 class graduated the school just sucks.... The partying never stops. Doesn't matter what year you graduated, as long as you came from their you know how to get shitty... Wether it's smoking a bowl pack at the slab or drinking there until you roll down the hill... to smoking another joint at the tressel. Philly being close is always a plus. Most pot heads either head to "Munchies" on south street to get their pieces or "Match Box" which just opened.
by Collingswood April 16, 2017
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a town with a shity school system and an even worse sports program. they are just like haddonfeild without the money and every body hates them they cheat lie and treat good people like shit its fun to kickthere asses
bob "hey dude u look like shit todaY U OKAY?"

MARK "yea fine i just wanted to see what collingswoods is like with out going to the shitty pllace
by itsnoturfaultujustsuck April 02, 2009
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The most boring city in the universe. This is the smallest, full of people who think they are "popular" but really they are not because there are only 100 students in one grade. This is the cheapest and and dumbest town in the world. Do not live here. Anyone who goes to Collingswood Schools will not get into any good collages. It is full of white people who think they are "ghetto" and cool, and are also racist.
Your life would be a waste if you move to Collingswood.
by green421 March 07, 2011
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