Middle CLass White Trash town thats so small you can drive from one end to the other in the time it takes to change your radio station, local residents prefer the soothing sound of death metal in the morning before church, Oaklyn contains two liquor stores along with three bars and three churches three blocks apart from each other (all within less than a mile's radius). Basically the town folk of Oaklyn like to love god (satan) and to get fucked up
"Yo bro, I'm going to Oaklyn, gonna get fucccckkkkked up at the trestle" said the kid from Collingswood
by irjf January 9, 2009
Oaklyn is the prettiest girl you will ever meet, she's kind, caring and loves animals!
tom: I need a girl that will love dogs.

dan: Oaklyn is the one for you then.
by ,syo;fss November 19, 2019