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A gaming term used when a player kills two or more players with one sniper bullet.
"Dude! I just got a collateral off of (player one) and (player 2), and the other guy was behind the wall!"
by Midnight67 September 11, 2009
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Giving up something of value to you to prove that you give your word to the other person.
Person 1: Yo meet me downtown at 5pm!
Person 2: Alright man ill be there!
Person 1: Yo gimmie your ipod for collateral!
by xsaxisx October 04, 2006
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An excellent film by Michael Mann, starring Tom Cruise and Jamie Foxx.
Me: Did you see Collateral on HBO last night?

Some Guy: Hell yeah! Tom Cruise kicked that black guys ass!

Me: (Silence)
by The Fanatic March 02, 2006
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Giving away something important to you in order to prove that you are serious, only to retrieve after you've kept your word.
Kayla: Wanna come to this party? I swear I wont ditch you this time!
Jarvis: No thanks, you do this everytime!
Kayla: Ill even leave my shirt and belt as collateral.
Jarvis: Duh, Okay!
by Saachaa October 05, 2007
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The irrelevant things that harrisites are forced to do to make us seem smart & have no social life
" Do you wanna go out this weekend ?"
No icant I have to finish my collaterals
by nomnomnomhdhhehehehe January 19, 2011
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The burning stash left behind when one is done taking a hit, the left over burning stash is then consumed by a buddy so that no weed is wasted.
Rahm: Yo, gimme the collateral when you are done taking the weed
John: Yeh, fasho, no need to waste weed.
by retspooL December 23, 2009
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