1) A genetically engineered humanoid accidentally created when Colin Quinn and Will Farrell, early on in their careers, fucked the same SNL groupie. In a rare occurrence, both of their sperms united with the same egg, and did not divide into two separate fetuses, thus producing Colin Farrell.

2) Slang for any genetically engineered creature.
1) "Colin Farrell, isn't he that guy from Saturday Night Live?"

"No, Colin Farrell is in the new MIAMI VICE movie, but, his two dads are from Saturday Night Live."

2) "See, this is a gerbster."

"Whoa! What a Colin Farrell!"
by Gene Splicer July 29, 2006
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Great Actor plays in S.W.A.T best movie Ever.
jessica and jill think colin is so hot.
by JiM March 12, 2005
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Some Irish twat that can't act, and is terribly ugly.
'Goddamn, i'm having a bad today!'
'Man, it could be worse. You could be Colin Farrell!'
'Yeh, thats true. I feel kinda better now!'
by RobBbBb May 15, 2005
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The pure inability to carry a movie. Case in point Miami Vice.
"Did you see Devils Advocate?"
"Yeah Keanu Reeves was saved by Al Pachino"
"Colin Farrell Syndrome at its finest."
by Prince of Fyre August 5, 2006
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