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The sweetest guy you'll ever meet. Do not upset Farell for once you lose him you will regret it and will miss him deeply. Farell will always put his friends first no matter what and he may say that he doesn't care about others judgement but deep down he really does and tries to please as many people as he can; he's so caring and will stop at nothing just to see you smile. The one thing he wishes of life is to hear someone laugh at his "dumb" jokes. His smile will make your day and you wouldn't ever wanna leave his side.
Farell is the love of my life and I was stupid enough to lose him.
by ~Just a girl with a heart~ November 16, 2017
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one who holds a purse (or other female everyday materials) in order to be rejected by someone he thinks he could cop
Jared is such a Farell, following Melina with all of her books. Dosent he realize he has so chance with her.
by stevenglansburg December 24, 2007
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