Heart that is on cased in ice. Cold and distant, cruel
He was very cold blooded in hos breakup with his girl
by Damn it again!! June 17, 2019
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After his mother took me out for a nice steak dinner, I layed that bitch over the table and corn holed her.... Cold blooded...
by Hank G. September 27, 2006
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Somebody that doesn't give a damn about unnecessary things, that is submerged in focus and doesn't let anything get in their way.
You have to be cold-blooded to achieve the greatest that you possibly can, and then some.
by Gévaudan February 5, 2020
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a person/persons who is considered wrong for an action they committed
Man, what you did to ole girl is cold blooded.
by T.Degree July 21, 2005
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a woman who is so sexy you can't find words to form a description that would suffice
by jessicarabbit12 May 11, 2009
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