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To "Do a Colborne" has two very distinct definitions.

1. To talk extensively on a subject that you profess to have an in depth knowledge of, despite being wholly inaccurate and basing your argument on something that you once heard. Especially when; having being pulled up on your lack of examples or scientific basis for your argument, you continue to labour under the misconception that you are correct.

2. To consistently cause great annoyance by insisting that everyone be ready to leave at a certain time, only to be completely unprepared to leave on schedule yourself by at least 30 minutes.
1. Colbourne: "The human brain could be entirely be replaced with one from a chicken and you'd still be able to function..."

Dr. Clark "Utter cod Shit! I am a man of science and you are talking out of your arse"

Coulborne: "No. My brother told me about an indigenous tribe that do it"

2. Colbourne: "Right guys you've got to be ready to to go at 5 or we'll be seriously late so start sorting your shit out...."

(some extensive period of time later)

Tiller: "Hurry the fuck up Colborne! We we're supposed to leave an hour ago you useless twat!"
by youknowexactlywhoitwas November 09, 2010
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