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Not a duck fucker, one who does not fuck ducks, nor do they even like to be in the presence of ducks.

One super cool guy
Hey did you see that dude save those 20 orphans from that burning building, he is such a tiller!
by Just some Dude Typin August 24, 2009
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A herrassher that loves to eat and has a taking problem and can be funny. But they are a loyal friend that loves you and will stick to you when times are though and gives the biggest hugs!
Oh your being a tiller!
by Avery joe November 29, 2016
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n. Something used to steer a boat

n. Someone who likes to fuck a goat
I broke my fucking Tiller, I can't steer my fucking boat

That arsehole fucking Tiller, he fucked my favourite goat

Fuck you Tiller you fucking goat fucking fucker
by grooveytunes December 23, 2008
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Tiller A.K.A bumming. a term used to take from another. Originating in North Carrollton,TX thanks to Matt Tiller. fucking bummer. still love your ass.
1."Hey can i Tiller a cig off of ya?"

2. "Damn you never have your own shit."
by AKA N/A 405 December 24, 2008
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A professed master in the art of the Stenga.
A constant threat to drunk and intoxicated females and one who will stop at nothing to get it on.

Warning the "Tiller' as it is known can be violent and unpredictable when in pursuit of the ultimate drunken prize.

Much like a Jedi Master the Tiller is wise and fair, giving uncorrupted blunt advice to young stud padawans looking to get that elusive first drunken lay

Scudatious Bowman: Yuck tiller leave her alone shes unconcious

Tiller: Na g, im not like that

Unknown Girl: uhhhhh, gurgle

Tiller: Im so in
by Scud Bowman August 14, 2006
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Tiller is a paigon who hides in schools and is visibly depressed. He is known to run from LV and surrender when being threatened with by a screwdriver. He can also hold this beating
‘Tiller can hold this beating, and your gang can hold it too’

‘Tillers fucking stressed, swear down that he’s self harming’
by FromDa10 February 9, 2020
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to drink wine or alcohol out of a vagina.
He gave that bitch a vodka tiller, and got really fucked up.
by Chechen_Rebel October 2, 2009
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