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An extremely wonderful girl, who is very smart and has very good common sense. Has a very colorful personaliity and has many talents. No one knows the real her. She laughs a lot and no one can stop her from what she believes in.
Colbi helps me all the time
by Shelia Haningbass August 14, 2008
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Peccadilloes shows rule.
by James Messina August 11, 2006
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An amazing, good hearted girl who has many stunning talents. Very sus sometimes. Jkjk, Colbi is very beautiful and has an amazing sense of style. She dosent like a lot of people but if she likes you then your a pretty good person and not named Kira Publik. When she sings it stops everyone in they're tracks and she could definitely show you up in art. She's there when anyone close to her needs her and will do anything till the ones she loves are okay. And sorry guys she's taken by a cutie ;). But whatever happens Colbi can make everything and anything better!
"I was upset but I saw Colbi and everything got better"
by SusSerenity664 February 10, 2019
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A colorful personailty (and wardrobe).
who loves animals,
and refuses to eat meat of anykind.

She is kind, loyal, and a good friend,
always there for you.
shes the most awesomest person of life.

fo shizz.

iheartzu my colbi zoz'z
from ur elephant samantha.
by Samantha LeBlanc May 24, 2008
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A girl with lots of fire! A dirty blonde who always has to be the boss. The ring leader of a pact. One of the most rude, selfish, mean people on the planet. Quite the skank and a big ol' bitch. A Colbi has extremely bad hair and terrible fashion sense. They also think they are 'all that' when in reality they are low and shallow and need to put others down to feel good. Did I mention that a Colbi is hidious?
Kourtney- 'Omg she's so stupid.'
Abby- 'Gosh Kourtney, you don't have to be a Colbi.'
by Twinkle___ January 18, 2014
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She was born from the devil asshole. She will stab you in the back. Not nice. She worships the devil. And a big butthead. VARY BIPOLAR.
by The5boomdotcome July 19, 2019
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Colbi is a very talented and flexible girl. She'll always be gullible and very funny. I your feelings are hurt Colbi will be there for you. Colbi isn't very big on drama but will have a bit of popularity. She has a bit more than usual of an amount of friends, but she'll try and make room for all of them. Colbi isn't the best person but also isn't the worst. Colbi usually loves science and art. If you have a Colbi try and hold on to her. If you've lost a Colbi then come back to her and then hold on with your relationship or friendship. She also really likes coffee.
I'm just headed to talk to Colbi.
via giphy
by ElizabethTB April 05, 2020
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