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Two boys that embark on an adventure filled with amorous entanglements.
Possibly sexual.
Boy 1: "Hey man wanna come get On The Slop, we can get rowdy."
Boy 2: "Eh, maybe, depends on the situation."
Women 1: "What....what the fuck?"
by SydneyTerror January 17, 2022
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Someone who is proficient in utilizing short bladed weapons (knives, daggers, metal cards), usually pertaining to hand-to-hand combat.
Man: "He was known throughout the country as the best bladedancer."
Women: "Let's see how he goes up against a swordsman."
by SydneyTerror September 21, 2021
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An accidental play style that a person can have, pertaining two sides; really bad and really good.

They can go from being the best at the game to being the worst in seconds.
Man 1: “How did he miss that ball, it was wide open!”
Man 2: “It doesn’t matter cause he still saved that goal in the end.”
Man 1: “He’s such a coin.”
by SydneyTerror November 14, 2021
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