Spanish slang for testicles, balls, nuts. Normally said in reference to someones bravery or "guts"
The American "tunnel rats" in Vietnam had some big cohones
by Wile E. Cotote September 27, 2003
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How white people who've never had real mexican food think cojones is spelled.
Bob: Grab 'em by the cohones!
Roberto: That's cojones. And an effective move.
by bean, trivia queen March 24, 2015
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Cuban slang wich is more intense than coño.
Mostly used as an insult or if your mad
fuck, damn............
Cohones! she still owes me 5 minutes
by BillTheBeaver February 23, 2005
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1. Text balls or guts. When you can slag a person over text messages but in person you're too afraid or shy to slag them.
Person1: What you're too afraid to say it to my face!?
Person2: ...
Person3: Ah leave him alone, He has text cohones
by freshpseudo January 30, 2009
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The inherent bravery certain people get when they are on the phone with you as opposed to talking in person.
That guy had his phone cohones on last night when I talked to him, wait till I see that bitch.
by Abracadaver8 November 24, 2008
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Cohoner: - title- verb = cohoning: the act to remind a bro that he has balls and should accept all the Shit his chick does just out of love.

"yo man my gf got mad at me and slapped me, should I apologize? I mean I was breathing to loud" : the bro
"man don't you dare apologize, you didn't do Shit wrong. Like deadass. Make her ass apologize to you":the Cohoner
"man should I take my girlfriend to London? ":the bro
" didn't she just pick a fight with you? Wait better yet, does she deserve it? " the Cohoner
by Mr.lies January 1, 2017
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