When you catch someone talking about you behind your back.
Michelle: Damn, Jade is a bitch frfr
Jade: *turns around* Say it again, and say it to my face!

Sam: Don't you just fucking hate Rachel?
Talia: Hey, she's my friend! If you have anything to say to her, say it to her face!... bitch
by Geekinwiththing1 April 15, 2014
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A comeback when one is insulted over an online chat
A: Yo bitch you just got fucked up cause you suck D

B: Watch yourself faggot, say that to my face.
by OnlineGamer November 11, 2010
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Garreth: This lane is nice and cool
Ginger Ale: Yes this lane is nice and cool
Garreth: Don't EVER say that to my face again
by I like BURDZ October 22, 2018
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