a wonderful band with Claudio as the high-pitched voice - lead singer. Often classified as emo, or hardcore storytelling.
by RancidxHooligan June 25, 2004
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Great band with great lyrics, which are overlooked or hated on by people who listen to songs where the guy sounds like he has throat cancer or is so self concious about his feminine personality that he overdoes trying to sound like a male...

its a progressive band not a fucking emo
they can also be considered alt metal

the vocals by Claudio Sanchez require some serious talent...
Seriously its insane how many people listen to bullshit ass music like slipknot and hate on coheed and cambria...how is that shit even enjoyable?
in a fucking concert smelling like mad dick cause everyone is doing that karate kicking shit beating the shit out of eachother aka moshing..
Coheed and Cambria makes good music
what you listen to is an excuse to hear a male moan
and get to feel on other fags in their concerts
guy1: coheed and cambria sucks, the guy sounds like he has his balls in a mouse trap.

guy2: who do you listen to?

guy1: slipknot

guy2: lmao what a retard
by C&Coursavior January 30, 2009
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A band characterized by the most fucking annoying singer in the world. Sounds like: Your mothers queefs muffled in applesauce. Not as gay as The Jonas Brothers, or The Barenaked Ladies, but you get the idea.
"Have you ever heard of Coheed and Cambria?"

"Your ears are bleeding."

by PeopleGetReady1234 January 24, 2009
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The one and only band ive ever been wrong about based on first impressions. At first may appear to be a fall-out boy clone with added metal due to the singers whiney-sounding voice.

But in reality one of the most lyrically and melodically creative bands of the 21st Century. Upon further inspection would reveal the awesome reality that what they sing about is people with superpowers in space fighting an epic battle.

Definitely recommended to anyone whos willing to keep an open mind and look past first impressions.
"hey man, listen to Coheed and Cambria.. Theyre Awesome!"
*listens* "Ahhh dude this is balls, they sound like a stupid genetic emo band."

"Now download the album and listen to the Good Apollo: Im Burning Star IV Vol 1 album"

... "Fine"

by ClaudioIsAGenius January 24, 2011
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An amazing progressive rock band that is often mislabeled as 'emo'. Current band members include: Claudio Sanchez (Jesus Christ Himself), Travis Stever, Michael Todd, and Chris Pennie. Coheed and Cambria have a sound that is similar to Yes, Rush, and Pink Floyd. Contrary to some popular belief, the band does not suck and are very talented musicians and perhaps may be one of the most original bands to ever be. The band has a concept behind their albums similar to that of Pink Floyd's The Wall. Their discography in chronological order is as follows: (1.) The Second Stage Turbine Blade; (2.) In Keeping Secrets of Silent Earth: 3; (3.) Good Apollo, I'm Burning Star IV, Volume One: From Fear Through the Eyes of Madness; (4.) Good Apollo, I'm Burning Star IV, Volume Two: No World for Tomorrow; (5.) Year of the Black Rainbow. The band has released several DVD's including: Live at the Starland Ballroom, The Last Supper: Live at Hammerstein Ballroom, Neverender: Children of the Fence Edition (CD/DVD box set combo including 4 live DVD's, 4 live CD's, and a documentary), The Fiction Will See the Real: Documentary (released in the aforementioned Neverender box set), and Every End Has a Beginning: The Making of 'Year of the Black Rainbow' (released with box set of YOBR). With the release of Year of the Black Rainbow, Sanchez also coauthored his first novel entitled Year of the Black Rainbow. The book is the precursor to the Amory Wars comic series of which Sanchez is the author.
Coheed and Cambria is my favorite band ever.
by The_Crowing19 November 08, 2010
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