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A band consisting of future members of Coheed and Cambria(Mic Todd and Claudio Sanchez).
"Hey, I'm an idiot I think it's spelled Shabootie!"
"Nah man.. it's S-H-A-B-U-T-I-E.."


"Isn't Shabutie that old Coheed band?!"
"No, it is not."
by Jack February 12, 2005
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Band consisting of Claudio Sanchez as the lead singer and guitarist, Nate Kelly as the drummer, and Mic Todd on bass. The two albums released were Plan To Take Over The World, and The Penelope EP. Song's such as Godfather's Lollipop, Camouflage, and the slow song Cassiopeia are more or less their popular songs. Due to a record deal, Shabutie was asked to change their name to something more 'mass' friendly. After the fans turned down a couple of the names, the band decided on Coheed & Cambria, which was a side project Claudio was working on.
Shabutie was the beginning of an epic band.
by Upah May 24, 2008
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A band formed in 1995 with two future Coheed and Cambria members, Micheal Todd and Claudio Sanchez. Only released one EP, titled, "The Penelope EP,"(very rare!) released in 1996. Also released "Elf Tower, NM" a single related to the Coheed and Cambria story. Songs have a Prog Metal feel, and are usually about sex.
Shabutie pwns, I love Godfather's Lollipop.
by Sc3n3Xc0r3 December 11, 2005
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Claudio Sanchez, Travis Stever, and Josh Eppard formed Shabutie in 1995. A name taken from African tribe chants for "naked prey" in the film The Nude Prey. The band spent nearly a year experimenting with a multitude of different musical tendencies: punk rock, indie rock, acoustic rock, funk and heavy metal. In 1996 Michael Todd, or Mic, with whom he had worked on an acoustic side project called Esme 9, took over being primarily a guitarist. Later picked up the bass specifically for Shabutie.
And since 2001 they are known as Coheed and Cambria. Josh Eppard was replace in 2006 by Chris Pennie.
Shabutie is the band formed by three of the members of now Coheed and Cambria.
by Cino29 June 15, 2007
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A band formed in 1995 by future Coheed & Cambria bandmates Claudio Sanchez and Michael Todd. My favorite song by them is cassiopia. **Very underground in my opinion**
by Jeremy Dehart April 20, 2005
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