It´s supposed to be a fun little break of already hellish tests in Gran Turismo 4,but it´s as hard,or even harder than normal tests,also fuck IA-34
"Man,did you got gold on your Coffee Break in GT4"
"Nah fam,these cones love to get in my ass"
"Yeah man,I understand your pain"
And then they throw the PS2 Controller across the room
by GT4LoverIGuess June 21, 2021
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a person recives oral sex while taking a "break."
when a chick sucks a guys dick while his taking a shit
by aquariusgurl October 27, 2004
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Slipping into the bathroom for a quick wank or bean flick while at work and on the clock.
I got so horny sitting at my desk I had to take a Texas coffee break.

Don’t use the head around 10 am because every stall is full of dudes on a Texas coffee break.

My explosive diarrhea episode quickly turned in to a Texas coffee break and I flicked a squirt from my engorged bean.
by Dick Onchin October 29, 2020
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A long, elegant pause in a European workers day in which he consumes coffee or tea, depending on the time of day.
He had a European coffee break. He had a long, enjoyable coffee break. He must of thought he was in Europe.
by gunitthug January 23, 2011
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Pouring Smoldering Hot To Moderately Hot Coffee On Ones Testicles And Having A Female Lick It Up. ( Caution May Cause Burning Of Some Type )
After A Long Day At Work My Girlfriend Gave Me A California Coffee Break To Ease My Mind.
by Smurf And Waterbug September 17, 2010
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“I’m going to take a tasty reverse coffee break,” said Professor Al.
by Bitchbooger October 21, 2017
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