A person who is a junkie for coffee. They get head aches cold sweats, shake and fatigue if they don't get their routine dose of coffee. Coffee gives them a jolt of energy and gives a "happy" buzz
person 1) Hannah was shaking so bad, since she didn't have her coffee

person 2) Yo shes a coffee addict/junkie!
by Emha October 04, 2009
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Someone who drinks coffe on a daily to semi-daily basis. To the point where they only like their coffe black. They are always seen wit a coffee mug and coffee is incorporated into every one of their conversations.
Omg stop talking about coffee, you're such a coffee addict.
by Shaniqualemon March 19, 2016
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one who depends on the drinking of coffee more than the average individaul sometimes heads will roll if coffee is not injested!
caroline is like a coffee addict all the time.
by caroline burke bitch. October 23, 2008
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Supposedly a famous internet figure, from Finland. He is known for extreme use of sarcasm, flaming, but also at times for witty conversations and helpfulness.

While the author wasn't able to find more than a few logs, it seems that the person has gained a large level of (in)famy in all things web, being refered to the greatest flamer ever, et cetera. Also, perhaps as a joke and the background of his nick, it's said that he gets his "temperament" from, ever-so-typical of the finns, drinking large amounts of coffee.

Some state that he used to be an owner of a large IRC Network, a game site and a forum, that quite simply snapped. Also, perhaps one of the original developers of IRC.

Coffee-Addict also refers to someone who stays on nearly 24/7, presumedly because of large use of coffee.
<nebulian> Stop trying to be a coffee-addict, dude.
<TunaFM> and here our next contestant for the title of Coffee-Addict, Leprechaun!
(Lemur) You've been awake for how long? Coffeeaddict or something maybe?
by Pekka May 10, 2006
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This can be found in most American adults who can not go through the average work day with out at least 3 cups of coffee.

Usually they will use "I'm sleepy" as an excuse for more coffee.
Person 1: Ugh! where's my cup of coffee!!!
Person 2: Dude take a chill pill
Person 1: I can't! I'm practically falling asleep...
Person 2: looks like another case of Coffee Addiction... *sigh*
by youraloser1 November 17, 2010
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An individual whose life revolves and is based on the concept of coffee. Is either an complete addict or requires some type of caffeine in a equivalent or exceeding amount to make up for the missing cup they did not get. In some extreme cases when an addict is encountered they might be extremely ill mannered towards you for the following: interrupting their beverage, not yet receiving sed beverage, and just not liking you or their day in general.

yes I am this person
Jack: Hey Kayla

Kayla: Well if was just fine before you opened joy sucking black hole called your mouth. Like wtf dont you see me trying to drink my coffee peacefully? Shit you just ruined my whole day!

Jack: Well....Im sorry...see you later

Kayla: Dammit I need another cup of coffee because one is just not enough to deal with this. Why tf did you just have to talk to me?.......You might see me later but pls for the love of all things good in the world dont talk to me!!!!!

Jack whispering: Damn coffee person/addict
by orgasmicknowledgespiter August 09, 2017
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An iced variant of Coffee Addiction.

Someone who is addicted to drinking Iced Coffee, from a daily to a semi-daily basis.

An iced coffee addict is someone who's often seen holding a cup of iced coffee.
Person 1: "Did you hear the Rose has become an iced coffee addict?"
Person 2: "Welp, she's now Stressed, Blessed & Iced Coffee Obsessed!"
by shiraida July 30, 2018
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