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A girl, she is really generous and kind. She is a hearted and loving girl. May be she is beautiful or pretty ordinary, her morality is very good.
She is like a famy honored by God.
by famy September 27, 2019
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Yesterday, January 28, a day which
will live in famy .....
by Robert Maniscalco February 02, 2004
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Referring to or female that is of no sexual desire due to appearance. Examples of a famy would be a girl who is fat, ugly, or has excessive chest, shoulder and or back acne. A grenade in other words.
1. Damn did you see that famy last night, I wouldn't hit it with a ten foot poll.

2. Bro#1: Dude that famy got railed by 3 black guys last night!
Bro#2: I heard it was 6!
Bro#1: Probably.
by KE123 September 12, 2012
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