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The act of getting a blowjob or handjob whilst playing Call Of Duty.
Yesterday I brought this girl home; she made me a sandwich, then gave me a codjob. It was chill.
by danman.10 April 02, 2011
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The act of getting head while playing Call of Duty 6: Modern Warfare 2
My girl came over and gave me a sick CODjob causing my kill-death ratio to go down.
by kqggsm November 15, 2009
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When ones girlfriend or wife gives a man a blowjob whilst he rapes ass at CoD4/CoD5/ or MW:2
Dude, your girlfriends so badass, I bet she'd give you a Cod-Job
by kid'skid November 07, 2009
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When one gets a blowjob while playing Call of Duty aka COD
"dude i got a codjob last night, then i went prestige."

by bigdickdenny November 13, 2009
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the act of receiving a blow job from a woman while simultaneously playing Call of Duty. The two combined create a thrill and exhilaration in which every man dreams of.
Yo dude, this girl was giving me an unbelievable cod job last night while i wrecked with my intervention. You know what they say... snipers get head.
by DASRIGHT123 May 29, 2010
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