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Phil: Hey, guys, guys, you want some Coco-Cola? You want some? Hey you want some- you wanna drink- I see you over there, you wanna drink some Coco-Cola? Drink it?

Klayman #1: No.

Phil: Why?

Klayman#1: Because I'm fat, I'm on a diet. I'm fat.

Phil: Ok, then you want some baloney?
by Swimman March 24, 2009
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Coca cola that has been infused with cocaine, just like the first bottle of coca cola made.
AL: Hey man, you promised you get me that coco-cola. You got it?
Jo: Yep, i got the extra powder in there too. And its still carbonated.
by Sadboy supreme June 23, 2018
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n. coka-cola, a drink that you drink
Hey you guys want some coco cola?
by ... January 14, 2005
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