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1. A company which is bankrupt, because they gave out too many bonuses. Stands for American International Greed, not Group.

2. A verb describing a greedy person.
1. AIG should really admit that they are greedy.

2. Gee, Craig is an AIG.
by Swimman March 24, 2009
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A soda brand from Klay World.
Phil: Hey, guys, guys, you want some Coco-Cola? You want some? Hey you want some- you wanna drink- I see you over there, you wanna drink some Coco-Cola? Drink it?

Klayman #1: No.

Phil: Why?

Klayman#1: Because I'm fat, I'm on a diet. I'm fat.

Phil: Ok, then you want some baloney?
by Swimman March 24, 2009
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The most awesome computer company ever. (See also Macintosh, iPod, Alaskan Firedragon, (yes they created them,) and iPhone,
Apple Rocks!!!
by Swimman March 24, 2009
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An extinct species of Firedragon. The Alaskan Firedragon had no capability of breathing fire, and lived in the Sahara Desert.
Bob: The alaskan firedragon doesn't live in Alaska?
Joe: No, it lives in the Sahara Desert.
by Swimman March 19, 2009
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